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August 25, 2013


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Ok! Let's get this started. First off, there is this big debate on the redesigns of the SatAM cast; Bunnie, Nicole, Rotor, Antoine, and the most discussed, Sally.

NOW, people are complaining on the redesigns because they're either taking away certain features of a character or adding features. BUT, let's not forget this is coming after the Megaman crossover and Eggman AGAIN went and messed things up! So, let's say the redesigns are only the aftermath of the crossover. They might not even be permanent!

However, people are still flipping their lids wither it's Bunnie and the return of her cyborg parts, Nicole looking like Blaze, (no comment for Rotor), Antoine ditching his coat, and Sally being fully clothed.

Now, some are disliking Ant.'s redesign because he has formality and apparently the coat is his trademark and a lot dislike Sally's redesign because, let's just say her design looks a lot like one of Amy's outfits with shirt, pants, gloves, bangles and what not. It might also be because it resembles the deroboticized armor of Mecha Sally. The only reason I don't really like it is because Sally is one of the only female characters of the Sonic universe that broke through the sexist clothes barrier; instead of the vest given to her by her old teacher, Julayla, she now wears the vest given to her by Eggman; and the last time we saw Sally with a jean vest and boots, she:
1. Shead tears as she said goodbye to her friends and roboticized herself.
2. Became an unwilling, roboticized part of the Eggman Empire shortly before becoming weaponized.

Again, the redesigns are the aftermath of the crossover and MIGHT be temporary. So please, COOL IT!.:Ice Cude Stuck:.

I'm more worried about what will happen to the characters in Chaos Unleashed, such as Sally (because she doesn't appear on the comic covers until #256), Matilda, Antoine, and Shard (who has been out of commission after Sonic Universe 50 where he was almost destroyed by his "brother's" self destruction.) Ironically, the Metal Sonic was sent to kill Antoine who was in the hospital because a Metal Sonic, you guessed it, self destructed on him. So, if Antoine's bond to survive that, Shard might too. We'll just have to wait and see.

And speaking of Amy Rose, I'm hearing that she is being removed from SEGA (I know not Archie but whatever). Apparently, she was noted as inappropriate (due to her short dress? I don't know), angry attitude (okay she doesn't have that attitude 24/7), Amy wanting to marry Sonic (which Sonic does not accept and likes her as a friend) and jealousy towards other women (again, not 24/7 because one of her best friends is.... SALLY!). However, people don't notice the good side of Amy, which is she's a good fighter, protector, and friend. So, please, STOP HATING AMY BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT ANY BETTER THAN THOSE PEOPLE WHO HATE SALLY!

Finally, the echidnas! Where are they now? Apparently, they were banished to another place by Thrash the Tasmanian Devil via warp ring because they had a beef with the Tasmanian Devils a long time ago. Now, Sonic plans to rescue the Echnidas one day (much like Mecha Sally) but the question is, when will that one day come?

Some people think this is Ian's way of removing the Echnidas once and for all. However, if they were gonna be taken off, Sonic wouldn't have mentioned one day saving the race. However, (some people including NitroactiveStudios ) are not letting their guard down and have started petitions to save not only the echidnas but other characters who are rarely heard from.…

All of these events are happening because the future Sonic Issue 253 has been said to be "The biggest, most shocking event in Sonic comic history"

However, seeing as to how the characters are back and ready to fight evil, I'm willing to see where Ian Flynn takes the comic and what will become of everyone at the end of Chaos Unleashed.

In conclusion, bear with the redesigns; hope for Sally, Shard, and Antoine's recovery; lay off Amy Rose; and if you feel you should defend the rarely shown characters, DO IT.

If you made it this far I wanna thank you guys for bearing with me. So here, a cookie.

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Coldheart25 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I got a bad feeling about this
PhillyBlue Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Coldheart25 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
cause i have a feeling the comic arcs are gonna get weirder from here on out. I'm a big fan of the comics and I'm still curious on what happens. and yet whats going on at the moment in the comics, the planets blowing up. so yeah
DanDrazen Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013   Writer
It's still a bit premature, but S256 has been flogged as the "explosive conclusion" to the Countdown to Chaos arc. More and more, I have to say that the C2C arc is a vacation after the vacation (the extended Mega Man cross-promotional flog). and if Archie wants to return to the standard continuity then S257 will most likely be the point where they start to fix all the problems with the story line. It'll probably take a while because they've gotten into such a deep hole (echidnas gone, Naugus's possession of Geoff, Bunnie off wherever, Max in decline, Sally roboticized, Antoine comatose) that the continuity will take a while to untangle. Could be worse: could have to put up with a Crisis On Infinite Earths-style reset, which C2C doesn't appear to be doing.
Maarons Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
I'm saying this having read part 3 of Countdown but, this strategy is kinda bogus. Ian Flynn is the worst writer they've had. Penders may have some questionable politics (though some are misrepresented) but he wrote good stable stories and created great characters. Flynn can't pay attention to continuity, makes really bad plot holes, doesn't get the characters right, and relies on so much inappropriate shock and/or horror as a means for drama that it is so depressing to think these characters must suffer the things they are tortures with. Archie has made such a cut and run tactic on dealing with Ken and, because Flynn can't stop and think before be does something, we're kinda stuck with a bullcrap skewed reality that isn't probably gonna go anywhere unless they realize what a mistake it was due to fan backlash. I think they've even started faking letters from fans about the changes now.
Disastria Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Yes, I agree as well. :)
CandiPhoenixes Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student General Artist
I know that official story was that the echidna characters were actually removed from the comics due to Ken Penders suing Archie for "his" characters. Ken wanted to get his characters back to use in his own comic, however because the case was at a stalemate due to the characters not being considered material property.   So.... it is unknown at this point if they'll bring back the Pender Echidnas or if they get someone to create new echidna characters to replace the ones Penders wanted back.

Other than that, I have no issues with the changes to the other characters and I doubt SEGA would get rid of Amy to begin with due to her being one of the original 4 characters.
Mythologist611GL Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
In a way, I agree.
We are all fighters and observers at the same time. We can fight to prevent something occurring, or we can step back, and see what the changes will make.
In general, the latest issues have tore the fandom in half because of this, but that doesn't mean we can't stand up for what we truly believe in.
As for myself, I am merely a writer/drawer, who is currently writing my own version of how the echidnas should be brought back. Yes, in the end, I'm just a DeviantArt user.
PhillyBlue Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Keep it up if you feel that's what you should do.
Louis-the-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013
"Again, the redesigns are the aftermath of the crossover and MIGHT be temporary. So please, COOL IT!.:Ice Cude Stuck:."
Try telling me that NOW.
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